Photography by Salvatore Cincotta

Need someone to bring your pet to you?  That’s what we’re here for.  We will bring your pet to your wedding!



Our most popular package. Incorporating your pet into your wedding photos is the best way to include them in your memories to cherish forever. WedPets will stroll alongside you and your photographer, keeping your pet content until it’s time for their close-up!


Want your other best friend to play a role in your wedding ceremony? WedPets will make sure your pet is dressed and ready to impress and will provide pet-sitting surrounding the ceremony. Your pet will arrive polished, punctual, and ready to perform.
*Subject to venue approval.


Want your other best friend to be present for the party? As they should be! This is the premium package for the couple who needs it all. *Subject to venue approval.
Handling, chauffeuring, dressing, feeding, walking, petting, snoot booping, pet-cetera, pet-cetera. WedPets will chau-fur your dog to you, your venue, a groomer, or boarder.



WedPets believes that because it’s your special day, there’s no cookie cutter package. Every wedding is unique, as it should be. We have a basic outline of services, but we would prefer to sit down with you and discuss your vision. We can create a customized package that focuses on exactly what you and your pet needs. We ask the right questions and make sure every last detail is handled.