FURawst Yourselves AND Your Pets

Having your pet in your wedding means finding appropriate wedding garb for your pet!

Check out the following ideas for inspiration!


Hello Hazel Co.

Hello Hazel Company LLC is a family-owned business specializing in unique accessories for your dog.  Like me, they believe pets are family, too!  Based out of Eastern Pennsylvania, they started in 2013 on Etsy with bandanas featuring a handful of fun sayings for weddings like I Do Too and Dog of Honor.  I LOVE when I see dogs in weddings on social media and I spot a Hello Hazel bandana!


Here is WedPets model, Greta (@greta_the_german_shepherd) sporting the high quality, hand-crafted burlap “I DO TOO” bandana on her pawrents’ wedding day!



Photo Credit: Jill Cook, Wagging Rights


Trig & Rae


You can find Trig & Rae on Etsy!  They specialize in collars and detachable bow/ties in whimsical prints and thick, durable fabrics!

Here is Greta looking fly in her Trig & Rae tribal print collar in her pawrents’ engagement photos!


Photo credit: Sal Cincotta Photography


Usagi Team

Based out of San Francisco and virtually located on Etsy, the Usagi Team hand makes the most perfect formalwear for your pet! If you have boy dogs, you’ll want to check out their tuxedo-themed accessories!


Here are Chico (@chicothepompom) and Zeus (@great_dane_zeus) looking regal in their bow ties!


Photo credit: Summer Leigh Photography



Barx + Blooms is not only an amazing designer of dog fashion merchandise, but its socially conscious message about animal welfare hits close to home.  As a foster for a local dog rescue, I respect all e-shops who have a deeper message with their mission.  Barx + Blooms donates 10% of profits to a different bully breed rescue every month and are specifically dedicated to securing equal treatment and opportunity for dogs labeled as “pit bulls.”

After Barx + Blooms co-founder, Allyx, adopted her pit bull, Cleo, she felt extreme breedism and negativity as a pit mom.  Allyx began to try to find ways for her sweet and loving dog to be well received by society.  Allyx designed the first BARX + BLOOMS Flower Collar with the hopes that it would encourage positive reception of Cleo. The collar exceeded every expectation and in an instant, Cleo was viewed as approachable. Many people’s inherent fear and timidity of the breed was replaced with joy and acceptance and they were able to see Cleo for the wonderful dog that she is.  What we love most about the BARX + BLOOMS Flower Collar is that it is the first influencer for many people to give a new and compassionate look towards pitties!

Barx + Blooms makes my heart wag!



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