Pets in photos: Keeping them focused

Does your dog have a favorite toy?

My dog’s favorite toy (favorite thing in the entire world) is ‘BALL.’

In fact, she isn’t food or treat motivated.  She would rather have me throw the tennis ball over and over, over anything else.

For our engagement photos, we brought a tennis ball with us, gave it to our photographer’s assistant, and it worked like a charm.  I knew it would, because that’s how I take photos of her at home.

If your dog is food motivated, you should bring plenty of treats.  You might want to keep some in your pocket for some great action shots, like you and your S.O. walking your fur child.

Consider what it is that your dog loves and make sure to bring that item along.  It’s a great way to get the dog to look at the camera and stay focused, and – if your dog is like our dog – smile 🙂



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