Millennials and the Pet Boom: a niche with a need

It’s not a secret that Millennials are getting married later.  It’s a trend that the generation of up and coming young professionals are putting relationships on the back burner.  That could be a cause or effect or both to the new avenues of convenience dating these days rather than the organic old school style.  And that’s not a dig.  I prefer convenience to effort 100% of the time.

And a recent article has even shown that we are currently in a baby bust, which is the exact opposite of the more familiar term “baby boom.” Source: Millennials Enhancing Susceptibility

But, we are in what I’m going to call a Pet Boom.

According to this article, published a day after my husband and I got married, affirms this notion: 44% of millennials see their pets as starter children

This insightful article suggests pet owners (specifically, millennial pet owners) are willing to splurge on their pets over themselves.  And some view these furry kids as practice kids or *gasp* real kids.

Another article found here Millennials are picking pets over people says that “young Americans are less likely to be homeowners, car owners or parents than their predecessors, but they do lead in one category: pets.”

It’s time to recognize that when Millennials are getting married, the likelihood that they have pets is far higher.  WedPets is available to help with the convenience – because that’s what we want.

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